Every disease has a certain root cause but once developed it creates many problems. Diet becomes restricted but do you know that food can treat and reverse most of the diseases? We need to figure out the right cause behind the disease and treat accordingly. Whether it can be reversed or not, we can discuss and based on your health condition, we will plan the diet and work together to fight against the disease.

What diseases can we handle? There’s no limitation. Every disease is linked to nutrients. Hypertension, diabetes, PCOS, heart problems, kidney disease, liver problems, indigestion, etc. Irrespective of what we’ve listed here, proceed to talk to us about it.

Our Approach

1. First consultation: A questionnaire will help us understand you, your likes and dislikes, food habits, lifestyle habits, etc. We’ll analyze based on this questionnaire.

2. We will try to understand your health condition and its root cause.

3. Brief consultation where we’ll discuss further and will do food recommendations.

4. Recommend a suitable package.

5. Weekly diet plans via email or WhatsApp.

6. Doubt clarification on WhatsApp whenever required.